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How can I join MIMS points?

MIMS Points are available for all MIMS members*. You can create a free MIMS account anytime here. (*MIMS Points is currently available in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines.)


I have forgotten my account password. How do I retrieve it?

You will receive an email that allows you to reset your password.


I have difficulty activating my MIMS account. What should I do?

Please click on the verification link in our verification email for all new users. Ensure that the email is directed to your inbox instead of your spam folder.


How do I contact MIMS?

Please feel free to contact us at if you have further questions regarding MIMS Points.



How do I earn MIMS Points?

Eligible MIMS members can earn points by participating in activities featured across the MIMS healthcare information network.

Please click here for a list of activities that qualify for points. You are encouraged to log in to ensure that the points you have earned from your campaign activities will be credited to your account.

We will be adding new activities to the list regularly. Do check back with our site to keep yourself updated.


What can I do with my MIMS Points?

You can exchange your MIMS Points for rewards such as cash vouchers from top local stores. A redemption email will be sent to your email address, so please ensure that it is directed to your inbox instead of your spam folder. Please refer to the list of rewards available in your country, we will be expanding the range of rewards over time.


Will my MIMS Points expire?

Points are valid for one year. The expiry date is calculated based on the month in which you earned those points. For example, points earned any time in December 2016 will expire at the end of December 2017.

Points expired will not be refunded for any reason.


How do I check my MIMS Points activity?

Please log-in and go to My Points to see your activity history.


I did not earn any points for a campaign I participated in. Why is this so?

Some campaigns may require specific actions. Please make sure that the steps listed in the campaign details have been completed.

Other campaigns may require additional processing time as described in the campaign details. In such cases, please allow for extra processing time.

Please ensure that you are logged into the system so that the points you have earned from your campaign activities will be credited to your account.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have further questions.


 Can I give my MIMS Points away?

No. MIMS Points must be redeemed by the account holder.



How do I redeem rewards?

View this list of rewards exclusively selected for you. Do note that gift vouchers will have their respective expiry dates.

In the event that the item cannot be dispatched due to merchant issues, MIMS will contact you to change your redemption items.

In view of the minimum point rate for redemption and the exchange rate, the item you requested may be changed without any pre-notification.



From the time of my redemption, how long will it take till I receive my item (s)?

You will receive your redemption reward within 2 to 6 weeks. This includes time required for processing your request and delivery to your billing address by normal surface mail.


Must I pay mailing costs for the item (s)?

No, you will not be required to pay for mailing costs.


Can I exchange or extend the expiry date of the voucher (s)?

We regret that cancellations of redemptions and requests for voucher exchanges will not be accepted. Expiry dates are clearly stated on each voucher and no extensions will be granted. Vouchers will be valid for a period of at least 6 months from the time they are sent out.


Can I ship the item (s) to another person or address?

Yes. You can specify the mailing address during the redemption process. Rewards can only be delivered within the same country. We regret to inform you that we do not provide overseas delivery services.


I have redeemed a reward using my MIMS points, however, I have not received it. What do I do next?

We will process redemptions at the end of each month. You can view the status of your redemption by logging into your account. Please allow up to six weeks for delivery of your redemption. If the item has not been delivered within six weeks, please contact us at


I have changed my mind and would like to cancel my redemption. How can I do so?

Please contact us at We will do our very best to accommodate your request, but may not be able to cancel certain orders. Do note that Points used for the redemption will not be automatically or immediately returned to your account.


  1. The MIMS Points Programme (“Programme”) and its benefits are offered at the discretion of MIMS Pte.Ltd (“MIMS”). MIMS has the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Programme, including the Points, in whole or in part for any reason, at its sole discretion, with or without prior notice to its members. By participating in this Programme, you agree that MIMS will not be liable to you or any third-party for any modification or discontinuance of the Programme. All employees, contractors and agents of MIMS will be excluded from the MIMS Points Programme.
  2. MIMS and its affiliates are not responsible for any loss of points entry due to any problems caused by systems or internet service providers.
  3. MIMS reserves the right in MIMS's sole and absolute discretion, to substitute a reward or reward component of comparable or greater value. All taxes in connection with reward received are the sole responsibility of each eligible member, unless provided otherwise in accordance with applicable law and regulations.